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A Dicken's of a Christmas Entertainment Workshop

A Dickens of a Christmas at the Fort!, is a bustling theatrical environment, combining the magic of the traditional holiday season with the writings of Charles Dickens.  The event is a combination of stage performances and improvisational acting in the streets of our Village and in the Opera House, always involving the audience and encouraging them to feel part of the show. Even if you're just strolling off to get lunch, you are your Victorian character doing so, which is what makes our event such an involving one.

Each becomes a person from the Victorian age, with the clothing, language, and personality of someone from that era. Since Queen Victoria reigned for over sixty years, we have chosen the 1840s-1860s as our historical focus. If you'd like to become part of this fun ensemble cast, you need to belong to a stage show or other performing group (Oliver or Scrooge group) in the venue/museum. Some performers appear in stage shows; others portray Dickens characters or historical personages.

You! Yes, you! With the squinty left eye and the knock knees. Have you ever dreamed of life on the rickety stage? The glamour and paste of fame? Well this may be your one and only opportunity to reach for the slums! Like a bad ha'penny, The Opera House Music Hall will arise with a show!  We are looking for a Stage Captain and entertainers who will sing and dance their way to Holiday Glory!

The Opera House Music Hall will be holding a meeting for both cast members and a Captains on October 1st at 2pm in the Trading Post Building at the Museum.  Please come prepared to sing, dance or act and tell us a bit about yourself and what you would like to do for the event.

We are looking for men, women and children to fill openings and prospective cast members should be able to sing and act and be comfortable with both light choreography and occasional (or not so occasional) improvisation.

We are also looking to cast the ever-so-prestigious role of The Chairman. Additional responsibilities of The Chairman include (but are not limited to) connecting with the audience, introducing the performers before their songs, banter with other characters, and promote general hilarity.

If you would like to be a part of this show, please email us at with MUSIC HALL CAST in the subject line).  We will respond to your email with additional information. Please show up to the meeting a bit early with a song ready to sing and wear something you can easily move in if you are dancing. Please also be prepared for a cold read.

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