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Haunted Museum Tour Workshop and Volunteer Meeting


4PM - 6PM

We will begin planning the set and setting committees for props, costumes, and makeup.  We will also begin assigning more parts for the event and encourage new volunteers to attend that would like to be a part of the theatrical haunted museum tour. We have several areas to break up in to set committees:

1.  Pioneer Graveyard down by the cabin and gardens.  They will be transported to the year 1863 where an outbreak of t"The Pox" has transformed some of the Villagers in to unearthly creatures,

2.  Children of the corn, and fore-bearers of the Donner party.  The village is under siege by creepy children, scary church goers, and Donner Party-esque pioneers.

3.  The crazed whiskey runner Henry Lott and Son caused the outbreak whit their rot gut.  Also, The Hunter's moon earlier in October did something strange and there are werewolves among them who can turn at will... 

4.  The ghostly Dragoon's, a Civil War Bride, and spirit husband, and Dragoon being punished, along with a Hanging Man's Widow and Children.

5. The West Barracks houses people from the past like Mrs. Swain, Victorian Spiritualist, a socialite who takes Poison , and a crazed mother and children.

6.  The East Barracks houses the spinning woman, The Caged Man, and The creepy jump scare Victorians.

7. The Block House Exit To Nowhere.... and the Hanging Man's Widow and Children.

We are also looking for volunteers to be actors, stage setters, makeup artists, costumes, and gate/guest relations.

haunted history tour.jpg