Your History.  Your Museum.

Feel as if you’ve strolled into the past on the Frontier Village Lane with a collection of original and replica buildings ranging from an 1855 log home, small town jail, one room school house, land office, print shop, blacksmith shop, general store, chapel, livery stable and drug store.  The Frontier Village showcases the growth of a small pioneer village where each building is furnished with an extensive collection of original fixtures and artifacts.

Make your way into the pre-Civil War era fort replica and explore original cabins; climb into the blockhouse and be on lookout for intruders; patrol the stockade and avoid the Punishment Horse; discover heirlooms of the first settlers; and marvel at the Cardiff Giant – 19th century’s biggest hoax!


Our Goal Is To Make History Come Alive

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Our goal is to make history come alive. Engaging people though the Lively Arts and History allows students to connect with our regional history via  various forms of entertainment oriented events.  

October is a celebration of Harvest.  Our Victory Garden was very bountiful this year and we have gourds for sale in the gift shop. 

It's also the month for spooky happenings at the Fort Museum and Frontier Village.  Join us Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28 for The Haunted Museum Tour.  This year's event tells the tale of Henry Lott and his whiskey running friends and a strange malady that came over the settlers. Is this Lott's Revenge?  Horror Awaits..... Admission is $10 for students and $12 for adults to this event.  

While visiting the museum feel free to ask our Docents or Staff how you can get connected to the Museum for future events.  Check us out on Social Media forums. We invite you to Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Upcoming Events