It all started when...

What is now known as Webster County was a "no man's land" populated by the Santee Sioux Native Americans.  The tribe was often at war with the Fox, Sac, and Pottawattamie.  An outcast band of Sioux known as the Red Top Band made trouble not only for their people, but also area settlers.

Between these issues and a notorious horse thief by the name of Henry Lott, there was a great need for military intervention.  The arrival of Company E of the US Infantry to what was eventually known as Fort Dodge began in 1850.  The scouting and construction was led by Brevet Major Louis A. Armistead, of Gettysburg fame.

Fort Dodge did not see much action and by 1853 most of the soldiers deserted for the California Gold Rush, left of boredom, or were transferred to Fort Ridgley in Minnesota.

In 1964, The Fort Museum and Frontier Village was created to commemorate the rich history of Fort Dodge and Webster County and to give visitors a peek into life on the American frontier.  At present, there are nearly 20 exhibits on site with many diverse, rare, and interesting artifacts.  We promise each member of the family will find something they enjoy!


  • Adults: $7.00
  • Students (5-17):  $3.00
  • Military/Veterans: $5.00
  • College Students (With ID): $5.00

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Please arrive by 3:00 PM to tour the entire museum.
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